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Your learning opportunities don't stop with this site, take your QueenEatz learning on the go! From meal prep and healthy habits, to lifestyle guides - The QueenEatz eBook library has something for every step of your health journey. 

7 Days Plant Based

7 Days of Plant Based Breakfast

Transitioning to a plant-based diet can be overwhelming. That's why I've taken all of the guesswork out of it and created 7 days worth of plant-based breakfasts to help you get a head start to healthier living!

How to Build a Healthy Plate

Interested in learning more about balancing your diet and living your healthiest life? Start here! In this eBook you'll learn more about macronutrients are and how exactly they can be put to work for you.

Healthy Plate
Keep Calm and Prep

Keep Calm and Prep On

In this ebook you'll get access to recipes that are simple, delicious and super easy to throw together! Oh, and they're ALL diabetes friendly! Start getting your health on track by introducing these fail proof recipes into your weekly regimen.


Kick the Cravings in 4 Easy Steps

Feeling like your sweet tooth is getting the best of you? This comprehensive guide will provide you with the guidance you need to get started managing your sugar cravings TODAY in just 4 simple steps! 

Kick Cravings
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The Kitchen Reboot

Not sure how to start eating a plant-rich diet? Learn how to reboot your kitchen the easy way! In this guide we'll discuss simple swaps, keeping your favorite foods, and what to stock up on to spice things up.


Power to the Penis

Learn how to overcome erectile dysfunction by incorporating the simple lifestyle changes, dietary improvements, and natural remedies provided in this guide created specifically for type 2 diabetics. We'll take a look at the connection between diabetes & erectile dysfunction, foods that help and harm the penis, herbal remedies & more!  

Power to Penis
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Queen Quizine Digital Cookbook

Learn how to create mouthwatering, binge-worthy, plant-based recipes while boosting your confidence not only in the kitchen but in your ability to take back control of your health! Grab the bundle & receive 10 BONUS recipes, a 4-week meal plan & step by step video tutorials!